Afternoon Area

The children spend their afternoons in our green garden. The garden is designed close to nature, without plastic toys. Instead, we use natural materials such as sand, wood and earth for play areas such as the sandpit, workbenches, the mud kitchen and tepees. Our extensive play area, surrounded by trees and plants, encourages the children's imagination. The garden is not only a place to play, but insects also feel at home here and find refuge in our vegetable patches, the orchard and the lovingly designed insect hotel.
The children learn about the ecological cycle by taking home harvested seeds, growing seedlings and later planting them in our raised beds. This gives them a first-hand understanding of the importance of sustainability and environmental protection.

The aim of the workshops is to provide the children with activities that they can choose freely according to their own wishes. The workshops are ritualized and take place every Monday after lunch in the large group. There, the children are informed verbally and visually about what they are going to do in the workshops. Afterwards, the children can voluntarily choose a workshop, provided there are enough places available. The size of a workshop corresponds to eight to nine places; if a workshop is full, the child may choose another one. If children fall ill, they can sign up later.
There are six different workshops, which cover different areas of education and focus areas, and the children can make suggestions for activities, which are checked to see if they can be implemented and offered promptly. The workshops take place as part of the daycare center's daily routine after lunch or a break. They last one and a half hours. However, it can also happen that the workshops have several units and last for several weeks.


Creativity, Craft and Repair




Research, Math and science


Theater, Language and Movement





Our Workshops

Our quiet area in the daycare center is a very special place that offers the children the opportunity to relax and calm down after lunch.
In our cozy book corner, the children find a rich selection of fascinating books with diverse content that stimulate their imagination and promote the joy of reading. The comfortable cushions invite them to immerse themselves in exciting stories or immerse themselves in the world of pictures. For those who prefer to be active, high-quality wooden toys are available. Here, children can get creative, build things and let their imagination run wild. Our quiet area is not only a place to relax, but also a source of inspiration. Here the children can sharpen their senses, explore new worlds and pursue their individual interests. It is a place where they can come to rest, but at the same time develop their curiosity and creativity.

Rest Area