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"Nature will always return to us

if we give it the chance.

We can protect what still exists and recreate what has been lost.

Imagine if you could change

the world just a little.

I started by planting a seed."

Mary Rynolds




Education for sustainable development

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At a glance

Naturkita kiel

Located in the heart of the maritime city of Kiel, our nature kindergarten offers a unique combination of urban life and natural surroundings. Our location borders on the Hasseldieksdammer Gehölz, which is characterized by a stand of large old beech trees. This is where our house is located, which is surrounded by an enchanted garden. Our garden has an orchard with a wide variety of fruit trees, raised beds, a fire pit, a sandpit, an insect hotel and much more.
In the mornings, we are out and about in the forest right on our doorstep or on excursions to the nearby meadow enclosure, the allotment gardens or the Kollhorst nature experience area.
At lunchtime, the children spend their time indoors, enjoy a home-cooked vegetarian meal and can play, read and relax. In the afternoon, the children have the opportunity to visit a workshop of their choice. Our grounds are a lively place for projects and activities where parents and children are welcome to contribute their ideas and creativity.