Our Team

It is important to us that children, parents, educators, interns, and all other individuals in our Nature Kindergarten feel comfortable. We believe that only those who feel secure themselves can provide security, and only those who are convinced of the significance of their own activities can promote children effectively.
We offer regular training and development opportunities to our staff, educate them in a salutogenic approach, and always have an open ear for suggestions and wishes. We strive for quality in relationship building throughout the entire team and face this challenge daily.



Childhood Educator

In the summer of 2022, I successfully completed my training as a state-recognized educator. In February 2023, I began a one-year further education program to become a forest and nature educator, aiming to enhance my pedagogical skills.

I find great joy in sparking children's amazement and contemplation through scientific phenomena. That's why I conduct weekly experiments and activities on this topic in our "Fuchswerkstatt" (Fox Workshop).

The Group




Childhood Educator und Deputy Director

Since the beginning of 2021, I have been joyfully working at NaturKita, finding the experience of working with children in nature to be incredibly enriching. I hold a Master's degree in Education from CAU and gained diverse experiences in social work during my studies.

Working outdoors provides me with countless opportunities to implement creative ideas and foster children's creativity. I have completed additional training as a specialist in sustainability and environmental education to optimally support our future charges on their educational journey.

Recognizing the importance of movement in a fulfilling life, I offer various movement activities in our "Hasenwerkstatt" (Hare Workshop) to support the physical development of the children. Children are full of energy and curiosity, making it a delight to engage with them.



Childhood Educator

I am a state-recognized educator with nearly 10 years of experience in nature and forest education for children in the early childhood sector. Currently, I am undergoing certified additional training as a nature and forest educator to further deepen and broaden my skills and knowledge in this field.

The 'Beaver Workshop,' focusing on nature crafts and creative activities, is as much my passion as playing the guitar and singing with the children.

The Group


Mira v. Tiele-Winckler

Childhood Educator

I have successfully completed training as an educator and Waldorf educator, gaining extensive experience in early childhood education, childcare, and therapeutic education. I particularly enjoy engaging in creative and craft activities, generating many ideas that I implement in our daily routines and in our 'Beaver Workshop.'

Nature, the environment, and animals have always held great significance in my work with children. Currently, I am undergoing therapy dog training with my dog, envisioning incorporating her into both my professional and volunteer activities in the future.


Administrative support and kitchen management

Since 2020, I have been part of the NaturKita team. In my role, I take care of administrative tasks and serve as the first point of contact for new children and parents. Furthermore, it is my responsibility to ensure that our children receive a tasty and healthy vegetarian lunch while enjoying a refreshing fruit break in the afternoon. I am actively supported in this task by our talented chef.

In addition, I lead the yoga sessions for the children during our workshops. This allows them to develop physically and cultivate a deeper awareness of their own bodies. It brings me great joy to work in this wonderful place and observe how the children continuously develop into little explorers of their environment during their time in the daycare.

Jasmin Finja


Language Development

I am 25 years old, and since February 2024, I have been working at Naturkita Kiel in the field of preschool language development. My qualification for this role stems from my Bachelor's degree in Educational Sciences at Europa-Universität Flensburg, with a focus on German and Special Education. Within the realm of special education, I have specialized in pedagogy related to language and communication disorders, as well as learning pedagogy.

Once a week, I engage in playful activities with children of all age groups to enhance their preschool language development. In this role, I pay close attention to individually promote the needs, interests, and current language level of each child.




Originally, I completed training as a gymnastics instructor. For about a year now, I have been working as a support staff member at NaturKita Kiel. Alongside my work, I am undergoing additional qualification training, where I am learning a lot about work in the elementary sector, both theoretically and practically. I love working creatively, enjoy creating portfolio pages for the children, engaging in crafting, and always having an open ear for their concerns. I am happy to help wherever I can and appreciate spending my workdays in nature.

Bejamin Treiber

Helping Hand

As a supporting staff member in our NaturKita, I bring experiences from the field of stage work. Working with children at NaturKita was my first encounter with this professional direction, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to undergo training as an educator. My passion lies in music, and I love telling fantastic stories and exploring nature.




Our Support



Childhood Education Student in recognition year

I have been part of this institution and its development since 2018. My work in the kindergarten started out as a part-time job while I was studying electrical engineering and information technology. But over time, the children and working with them captured my heart, and after graduating, it wasn't difficult for me to decide to work at NaturKita Kiel completely.
I am now in my year of recognition, have completed a 6-month training programme to become a quality officer and am in the middle of a 2-year training course to become a holistic nature educator. My activities in the daycare centre are varied and range from pedagogical work with your children, administrative tasks and quality management to concept development.
I look forward to getting to know you and your children during my practical phase.



Head of the Facility and Board Member

After completing my nursing training and obtaining a degree in educational science with a focus on health education and adult education, I worked as a consultant at the Diakonie SH State Association for several years. During my time there and later at BBForum, I gained extensive experience in advising and coaching large facilities in SGB XI and XII on quality management, occupational health promotion, and personnel management.

These professional experiences have provided me with valuable knowledge for managing and leading an institution. Today, I bring my joy and expertise to collaborate with our NaturKita team to further develop our facility in line with the requirements of the new Kita law.

Creating or shaping a place where the children entrusted to us, parents, and staff can develop healthily, autonomously, and responsibly gives me great satisfaction. This is a task that fulfills me deeply.

Buissness Management