In our nature kindergarten, it is particularly important to us to promote the education and development of our children in a variety of ways. Our excursions take the children to various institutions, into nature and to other inspiring places where they can develop their knowledge and skills.
We firmly believe that hands-on experience and discovery are important elements of education. Our excursions are designed not only to broaden knowledge, but also to stimulate the children's senses and arouse their curiosity. Our caregivers work closely with the children to create wonderful experiences.

Beach trip

Our proximity to the Baltic Sea gives us the opportunity to experience and explore the beauty and diversity of coastal life up close. The children can collect shells and stones, explore the diversity of marine fauna and follow the tracks of the waves in the sand.

In the public library, children immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and knowledge. They have the opportunity to choose books that spark their interest and can immerse themselves in the stories. Our experienced supervisors accompany the children as they discover new books and develop their imagination.

Public library



(Technical relief Organisation)

At the THW, the children learn about the impressive equipment used for rescue operations and disaster control. They can explore the vehicles, try out the tools and learn more about the important work of the THW.

An exciting excursion that our kindergarten regularly undertakes takes us to a child-friendly first aid course. During the course, the children learn how to react to injuries, treat wounds and call for help.

First aid

(for children)

Experience Space Kollhorst

The Kollhorst adventure area is a place of wonder, education and adventure for our children. There they can wander through forests, observe wildlife and enjoy the beauty of nature to the full.

Excursions with our Pirates

(Preschool Children)

The children have the opportunity to explore police vehicles and interact with real police officers. They learn how important it is to respect the rules in our society and how the police help to keep our community safe.


Fire department

A visit to the fire department helps to deepen children's understanding of safety and support. They learn how important it is to receive quick and professional help in an emergency and how the fire department makes a decisive contribution to saving lives and fighting fires.

This excursion offers our children the opportunity to discover the joy of music and get to know the wonderful world of choral singing. They can experience how music can connect people and how they themselves can become part of a harmonious ensemble through singing.


(of the Gorch-Fock-School)

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