A healthy, vegetarian, and balanced diet is important to us. We primarily use regional, organic, and garden-harvested produce. Our love for vegetarian food allows us to contribute to sustainable development. Vegetable scraps and leftovers are processed into Bokashi (Terra Preta creation), and the valuable soil produced is returned to the beds and plants. Meals are prepared in our own kitchen, often outdoors over an open fire with the children. Working in the garden gives children the opportunity to be involved in the intricate process of producing healthy food. They assist with sowing, planting, nurturing, and harvesting. By harvesting and preparing vegetables and fruits together, children establish a joyful and sensory connection with food. They get to experience the cooking process and even taste and season the dishes themselves.


After the morning circle, we enjoy our first meal together on the forest sofa. Each child brings their own breakfast in a lunchbox. We recommend preparing a balanced and energy-rich breakfast (such as bread and plenty of water) as the children spend the entire morning outdoors, ensuring they are well-prepared for the activities.


Around 12 o'clock, we return to the daycare building, where our talented chef Shakeela prepares a delicious and freshly cooked lunch for us. We often use ingredients from our own garden. Our menu is diverse and includes a variety of dishes, such as pasta, potato dishes, grain-based meals, and hearty stews. Fridays are a special treat for the children as pizza rolls are on the menu – a real highlight for them.

Afternoon Snack

After a relaxing rest period, the children return to the fresh air, where our garden awaits them with a variety of play activities. We emphasize the importance of ensuring that the children have enough energy for their adventures. We provide healthy options such as vegetable or fruit platters, allowing them to continue playing refreshed and revitalized.