The transition to kindergarten is an important step towards independence for your child. This process requires a sensitive and individual settling-in period to establish a stable relationship between your child and our educators. The settling-in process can vary, so it is crucial to tailor the transition to childcare gently and individually for each child. Our educators support your child in this process by providing security and comfort. Through close collaboration with you as parents, we ensure that the transition from home to the daycare center is as stress-free as possible for everyone.

Annual Taster Day in Autumn

Shortly after the annual closing time, there is a taster day for interested parents. On this day, children, parents and educational staff have the opportunity to get to know each other. Interested parties are welcome to get in touch using the contact form or via the childcare centre portal. You will then receive an invitation.

Taster Sessions in the Groups

A taster day takes place shortly before your child starts at the daycare centre. During the taster day, your child will have the opportunity to get to know the group and some of the procedures in advance.During this time, our educational staff will have a preliminary discussion with you.

Adaptation Phase

Our adaptation model is based on the Berliner Model

We focus on the individual needs of each child, which is why we organise each settling-in session individually.However, one possible approach could be as follows: In the first few days, parents accompany their children for one to two hours in the forest to create a sense of security and familiarity. Our educational staff build up a relationship with the child, which later serves as a secure basis. This is followed by the first attempt at separation. Parents say goodbye briefly, but remain close by. Depending on the child's reaction, the separation time can be gradually extended. A short farewell ritual is important.
Familiarisation is complete when the child has explored the surroundings and feels comfortable in play situations with other children. During this time, the children only attend the NaturKita for a few hours, as this is an intensive learning and adjustment phase for them and is taxing on their energy. This enables a gentle acclimatisation to our facility.

Initial Conversation

After about 6 weeks, parents and educators come together. The current developmental status of your child is documented, and it is discussed how your child has settled in our NatureKita.