In our nature kindergarten, we place great emphasis on preparing our preschoolers effectively for their upcoming transition to school. We firmly believe that a playful approach and imparting fundamental skills not only enable them to smoothly transition into the academic world but also lay the foundation for a successful academic future. One of our central initiatives is our weekly 'Pirate Preschool Program.' It significantly contributes to preparing our preschoolers effectively for their academic journey. Additionally, we enhance their learning experience through exciting excursions and outings.



Our Pirate Preschool Program aims to facilitate an optimal transition for children from kindergarten to school. During this time, children have the opportunity to develop fundamental skills and learn through play. Guided by their captain, the children embark on an exciting adventure, exploring various islands and encountering numerous experiences. They engage in playful and physical activities to overcome challenges on the islands, promoting their holistic development and preparing them with essential skills for school.

To provide consistent experiences for the children during this exciting period, the adventures are ritualized and follow a structured routine. The experiences and adventures of their journey can be documented by the little pirates in their personal logbooks. Starting from January 2024, the pirates will set sail every Wednesday morning, exploring a total of nine islands on their journey.

Excursions with the preschoolers

Additionally, we regularly organize excursions with the preschoolers to partners such as the Gorch-Fock-Schule choir, the local fire department, and the police. This provides the children with not only the opportunity to meet the people behind the uniforms and professions but also to develop a deeper understanding of the significance of their work.

The visit to the Gorch-Fock-Schule choir exposes the children to the world of music and singing. They have the opportunity to listen to the melodies, perhaps even join in singing, allowing them to unleash their artistic side. Concurrently, the children get the chance to gain initial insights into school life and understand what a school lesson entails. Our collaboration with the Gorch-Fock-Schule also enables our preschoolers to visit their library, where they can better familiarize themselves with the school environment and potentially meet teaching staff.

Trips to the local fire department provide children with insights into the thrilling world of firefighting and rescue operations. They can explore the equipment and vehicles, understand how firefighters respond to emergencies, and learn important safety lessons. During visits to the police station, children learn about the duties of law enforcement officers, see police cars, ask questions, and grasp the significance of rules and laws in our society. These outings offer valuable hands-on experiences, enhancing the children's understanding of emergency services and the role they play in our community.

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